For Partners

Why Become A Channel Partner?

Firms that provide expert services, such as legal, accounting and insurance, can deepen and broaden their relationships with clients by offering the TEVO® Score products and reports. With access to the TEVO® Score products, affiliates help clients not only to increase the value of their business, but also to focus on the issues that most impact their business.

Whether you are a Reseller or an Accredited Professional, you can serve your clients more effectively with:


Updatable TEVO® Score to benchmark and show progress of your clients' growth in value


Clear direction on how clients can improve their company’s multiple

Measurable metrics to help your client track ongoing progress

Actionable insights to help prioritize and direct your clients' projects and initiatives

Best of all, being a Reseller or an Accredited Professional with InfoVera creates stronger trusted advisor opportunities. Partners build loyalty and goodwill with clients by offering meaningful counsel that demonstrates a solid understanding of their business.

Accredited Professional
Unique identifying code (so that your clients can stay linked to you)
Login access to your InfoVera Partner Portal & Reseller/Accredited Professional Account
Ability to reach out to your clients prior to any InfoVera marketing
Invitations to InfoVera hosted events / webinars
Access to InfoVera speakers for your private events
Exclusive access to discounts for your clients
Listing on the 'Find An Advisor' online directory
Listing on the InfoVera Reseller directory
Ability to provide the full Marketability Assessments and Value Bridge reports to your clients
Training & Certification to create Marketability Assessments and Value Bridge Reports
Access to all TEVO® Score report generating tools and processes
Regular reporting to track TEVO® Score products/reports generated
Ability to run prospecting reports online
Kevin Brown

Managing Partner, RBTK