Game Changing Tools For Business Owners

In the United States alone, there are more than 20 million privately owned businesses that have no independent, reliable method to know what their business is worth, nor do they have an impartial ally to help them figure it out. Traditional valuation methods are expensive and time consuming, and lack the detail needed to help business owners learn how to increase the value of their company. Cheap, online methods are superficial, also lacking meaningful insight.

InfoVera, a Market Value Reporting Agency, is a Sterling Creek Holding Company, founded to change the game for owners of privately held businesses—to help them realize the full potential of their company’s market value, and to give them the confidence and tools they need to pursue business opportunities with prospective investors, acquirers, insurers and other business partners.

The first step is a Total Enterprise Value Opportunity score known as TEVO, which quantifies the opportunity gap between a company’s current and potential value. Next, InfoVera provides a range of products, built around the TEVO Score, to give business owners tangible information and insight into how to increase their value. InfoVera also works with a wide range of affiliate partners that rely on TEVO to guide them in providing supplementary advisory products to clients.

Jonathan Linn

Co-Owner and General Manager, Petalon Landscape Management, Inc.

Frank Naliboff

CEO, Dickinson Cameron Construction