Business Multiple Analysis

Our tool shows you what multiple you'd receive in an exit if you were to sell your company and provides step by step action-items for how to increase that multple.

Business Growth Plan

Our platform will use machine learning, big data, and a custom business profile for your company to identify specific, actionable ways to rapidly increase your business' and create a simple to understand roadmap to success for you.

Need to get funded?

All the resources you will ever need to grow your business. Get access to capital for business acquisition or expansion. We help make your company attractive to lenders and get your business what it needs to scale.

What's your business worth?

Our on-demand reporting tool gives you a specific breakdown on what your business is worth today. The InfoVera platform analyzes your business against the largest database of privately held companies. Our reports and assessment tools give you access to simple, fast, and accurate valuation of your business compared to industry standards.

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  • View your TEVO® Score and benchmark yourself against industry average
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  • Generate a Business Growth Plan custom tailored to your company
  • Calculate and understand your business' multiple and discover ways to increase it so you get more if you sell